Lydia ODF Module

  • The Pre-loaded Splice & Patch Shelf of Canovate is especially designed for the quick and simple splicing of large amounts of fibers. Besides the superior quality of the shelf, Canovate introduces a new aspect: The Design The shelf is equipped for the splicing of 96 fibers on 2U and all types of fibers, including Air Blown Fiber.


  • 19" housing, steel, 2U (1U 48 port is available)
  • Powder coating, Black
  • Width x depth 440 mm x 295 mm
  • Pivoting Shelf left (right option is available)
  • Removable top
  • Angled positioning adapters
  • Mounting plate for trays
  • Transparent protection cap pigtails
  • Mounting materials, Cage nuts
  • Cable management pigtails
  • 96 x SC/APC simplex adaptors
  • 96 x SC/APC 8° 1.5 meter pigtails, G657A 8 x splice tray
  • Splice holders for 12 ANT protectors

Technical Support


The pivoting shelf is delivered including adapters, pigtails, splice trays and mounting materials. Unique is the pre-assembly of the shelf. This means that all the components are mounted in the shelf (Pre-loaded). On location you just have to insert the cable and can start immediately with the splicing.