Micro Datacenter Indoor Use

Datacenter for small companies, Branch offices of banks
Hospitals, Storage of personal data like lawyer, doctors
Insurance Companies and other enterprises, Remote installations
Temporary installation, Mobile applications

Mini Datacenter Indoor Use

High density servers exceeding 10 Kw
Mobile Containers/Shelters, Branch Offices
Closets, Disaster recovery operations
VOIP applications, RFID applications

Maxi Datacenter Indoor Use

Enables isolation of hot and cold aisles to maximize cooling system efficiency and minimize cooling energy requirement
Highly modular, scalable, expandable, and retrofitable

Mobile Datacenter Outdoor Use

The mobile container provides a protected housing for the server cabinets, power distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system, fire control system, and lighting system.
The container performs the following functions:


The Side Cooling Rack is a direct-cooled server cabinet consisting from a lateral cooling device as an indoor unit and an AC outdoor unit . The cooling system provides energy-efficient cooling by latest inverter technology.